To get the wrapper thin layer, Nannas' Kitchen had to choose and mix the rice according to the secret proportions. Because if the rice is dry, the cake will be broken, if it is sticky, the cake will stick. If we have rice, we must pick up grits, wash and soak the rice to grind it into flour. Definitely have to grind rice with a mortar made of natural stone many times to smooth it.


To make the typical sticky gnaphalium affine rice dish of Hanoi, it is impossible not to have leaves from the gnaphalium affine tree, which grows only in the windy fields of the northern wind. The leaves are boiled, crushed and mixed well with glutinous rice flour, forming a tough green eyebrow mixture, covering the crushed green bean paste, bacon is only marinated with fragrant pepper. Each employee like that is then wrapped with a layer of white sticky sticky rice, creating an irresistible delicious sticky rice dish that is filled with love.


Nanna's pho fibers are made in the kitchen from long-grown rice, sifted thoroughly, soaked overnight before grinding with a stone mill. In order for the fiber to be flexible, supple, and smooth, the flour must be soaked in the correct degree, change the water regularly, and have a sour taste thanks to natural fermentation.


Nanna's Kitchen's pho broth is crystal clear, and its flavor is sweet thanks to its traditional recipe. The broth used for beef noodle soup must be used with a tube bone to have a unique and refreshing sweet taste from the bone marrow. Bones always have to be baked in gold, boiled in water a few times to deodorize and then simmered overnight. Spices, such as fish sauce, salt, ginger, cardamom ... must also be added to the broth at different times. Chicken noodle soup must sit on the fire, skim the foam right away for four to five hours.


The rice used to cook sticky rice of Nannas's Kitchen must be a typical sticky rice grown in the North for a long time, carefully selected. Thanks to that, it is round, stretch, scatter each seed, but still pliable and fragrant.

Biểu tượng Cộng đồng đã xác minh


The dishes at Nanna's Kitchen, from shrimp rolls to sauerkraut fried rice, mixed fried rice ..., are delicious and different thanks to their own special sauces. They are soy sauce, curry sauce, pepper sauce ... made from dozens of pure Vietnamese spices, including herbs that are widely used in folk remedies to stimulate digestion. Therefore, with these sauces processed according to this secret recipe, the dishes are not only beautiful and delicious, but also good for the health of the enjoyer.