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Nanna's Kitchen Story

We created together Nanna's Kitchen to return to the original traditional, with a peaceful person like the day when we was as innocent as children.After all, we realize that the longing hidden within us is to return, no matter how far life's travels take us. After all, we realize that our hidden desire is to return, no matter how far life takes us.

Nguyen Tuyet Nhung - Founder Nanna's Kitchen

When I left my hometown to study far away, graduated and went to work, went to manage at a big company, made a lot of money, bought a big house ... In the hustle and bustle of the city, I remember the sense of peace in my grandmother's kitchen in the past, remember the warm, fragrant smoke from sticky sticky rice.
On hard days, I have craved the steaming bowl of pho, green onions, warm broth with anise flavor, cinnamon, cardamom ... my mother sells every day. Just like that, nostalgia becomes the urge to return. I want to back in the present, return to the simple original man, return to peace of love, return to the rustic tradition.

We also cherish our desire to leave, bringing Vietnamese food to the world. But, wherever we go, how far we go, we still keep our love of Vietnam intact and will return. About to be innocent children in the kitchen of grandmother, mother, to be filled with love, to be stronger for the endless journey.

Continuing like that, I'm restarted with the luggage of the warmth in grandmother' s kitchen, together with the love spices she tasted in the dishes. And on that journey, I met my current associates, who were also on their way back from long journeys. Especially the older sister, who has traveled very far with the journey through more than 60 countries, with enough roses and tears, peaks and abyss help her to penetrate more than anyone the value of human love, moments of peace. Together, we have created Nanna's Kitchen to bring a warm, cool fresh, and soothe the tired and hasty of modern life. We also want to be a peaceful little corner for the expatriates, to meet the taste of the old days that are always in the subconscious.


Bringing people around the world a culinary experience of Vietnam with cultural colors, indigenous emotions and healthy Vietnamese cuisine


Building models of pure and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, using local ingredients and products. In a cultural space containing the passion and care of the Vietnamese people.


- COMMITMENT OF QUALITY: Nannas' Kitchen is committed to quality in each product, service ... is always the top priority Nannas' Kitchen towards the satisfaction of customers and partners.

- PRESTIGE: With Nannas' Kitchen, prestige is Yes Say that, whatever you say, do it.

- INTERESTING: Put yourself in customers, partners... to behave.

- COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION: By using environmentally friendly materials and packaging and extracting the annual profit of the company building a community fund.

Founding team

Mrs Nguyen Tuyet Nhung

Nguyen Tuyet Nhung is the founder of Nanna's Kitchen with the idea of ​​developing the kitchen of her grandmother in the past, whom she deeply loved, who taught her about love for her family and her homeland through Vietnamese dishes traditionally. Before returning to the kitchen, Nhung pursued the financial sector in accordance with her trained expertise, working as a manager at a number of companies.Therefore, she runs Nanna's Kitchen not only by her love for the culinary industry, with the traditions and culture of Vietnam, but also by the experience and the acuity of people working with numbers.

Mrs Nguyen Phi Van

Nguyen Phi Van is a founding shareholder of Nanna's Kitchen, who takes on the responsibility of bringing Nanna's Kitchen to the world through a franchise route, for expatriates Vietnamese or anyone who requests food in the world. That is also a natural way for the image of a soulful and identity Vietnam to be spread around the world as her desire. After more than 20 years living and working abroad, Ms. Van is an international expert in the retail and franchise sectors.

Mr Dang Gia Tuan

Dang Gia Tuan is the person who creates dishes from her secret and techniques using spices and ingredients accumulated through 13 years of standing in the kitchen. He used to hold the positions of chef, main cook in many restaurants and big hotels. Tuan's mindset is to make pure Vietnamese dishes with delicious taste, health with ingredients created from gentle nature and industrious hands of a land-loving farmer.