Sticky rice

The sticky rice dish is cooked with a round stretch of glutinous rice covered with smooth bean flour, eaten with shredded pork like clouds to feel light, light and sweet, for an energetic day.

Fried rice

From rice with melon, a simple dish made from rice seeds, Vietnamese people create a delicious dish that balances the taste buds and is good for health by using the art of using ingredients and spices.

stuffed pancake

The stuffed pancake are made delicately, meticulously and meticulously by the chef, creating a cool, gentle and unforgettable taste.

Noodle Soup

Each thin, soft, smooth noodle is soaked in clear, rich broth thanks to the secret of using spices, burning fire, fragrant with the scent of onions, cilantro ... bringing energetic energy to pho lovers and pho connoisseurs.

Traditional cake

The cake elongated, encapsulated with leaves, peeled off the whole leaf, taking a bite to feel the sweetness of the rice flour, the fat leopard of the pork, dotted with the aromatic spicy of black pepper.

Herbal water

Cool Herbal water or sour crocodile juice ... with pure natural flavor, no chemicals, no preservatives to help your meals more light and sweet.