"At Nannas'Kitchen, we always have the familiar dishes of the traditional Vietnamese tray for everyone.."

Like many Vietnamese people, no matter what I eat, wherever, I always crave rice cooked from non-glutinous rice. On a sunny summer day, rice is served with jute crab soup, added with Salted egg-plant chips. In a hurry, a bowl of cold rice is fried with sauerkraut, beef to create an attractive dish ... From rice and with rice, simple dishes made from rice seeds, Vietnamese people create many delicious dishes. , balance taste and good for health by using art ingredients, spices.

At Nannas' Kitchent, we will bring the familiar dishes of the traditional Vietnamese tray to everyone. You can eat rice with white rice fragrant Tam with a piece of carp braised galangal, crab soup bowl hot sunny day. You can also choose chilled sauerkraut frozen meat ... Especially, from rice and secret spices, we will create delicious, nutritious, taste-stimulating fried rice for you to choose from day want to change position. It is fried rice with beef and melon with flavor and flavor thanks to the light pickle pieces, the fried rice with seafood, sweet taste, and freshness ...

Experience at the Nannas' Kitchen