Nannas Kitchen's sticky rice can be eaten with green beans, pig shredded

, adding a little yellow onion to make a fragrant sticky sticky rice dish. "

My grandmother is the daughter of King Hung land, so the ceremony is always very attentive. One of the most elaborate dishes in her tray in the old days was the sticky rice.

I kept remembering that scene. She carried rice and beans spread all over the shelf, sitting on the porch meticulously picking up broken and rotten seeds so that the remaining ten seeds were one. From early in the morning, she cooks sticky rice, and in her terracotta rice bowl that day, there is always a layer of loofah to prevent the rice from falling down, and to keep the steam cooked evenly.

Green beans are also soaked, treated to clean the skin, steamed, and crushed. She used a sieve with tiny holes, shook her hand so that the fine powdered grains fell down the sticky rice. Her kitchen was bursting with fire, and the smoke spread from her kitchen, carrying a fragrant scent of sticky rice. My grandmother was back in handcuffs, and every now and then she pushed the firewood to keep the fire even and opened, flossed lightly, then made the sticky rice cooked evenly, smooth without flaking, not hard.


On the way back, I cooked the same sweet and delicious sticky rice with my home's secret, and shared with everyone. Nannas'Kitchen's sticky rice can be eaten with green beans, pork floss, and a little yellow onion to create a fragrant sticky rice dish. Fried chicken sticky rice with mushrooms, both strange and familiar. Sticky rice of Hanoi people is round sticky sticky rice with each seed, combined with Gnaphalium affine D.Don, green beans and meat, giving an unforgettable taste, unique.