''Nanna's Kitchen's most special dish is stuffed pancake, sweet whole shrimp filled with kitchen sauce, made from 12 different ingredients and spices, stirring constantly on the stove for 4 hours.''

Stuffed pancake are very elaborate by our grandmothers. Which is to bring the first new scale of rice to soak to grind the flour to make the cake, which is to carefully pick up each grain of grit and then bring it to wash, soak it with cool well water. When the rice soaked in water, her algae hands pulled the stone mortar and crushed the rice grain until it was smooth and melted.
Rice flour is soaked with well water, until it smells sour, then bake. At that day, there was only wood ear chopped wood ear, dried onions and yellowish in lard and coriander, picked basil in the home garden. But how much she kept rolling the cake, the children and grandchildren keyed it there, constantly rubbing in and out.
Stuffed pancake has become my favorite dish, because of her sophistication, meticulousness, and its cool, light flavor. After growing up, going to many places, I ate a variety of rolls in the countryside from Thanh Tri to Ha Nam, Thanh Hoa, but nowhere is as good as the rolls she made. Probably because it contains so much love for her children and grandchildren.Remembering her Stuffed pancake, we kept our handcrafted recipes to keep the cake soft, thin, but chewy and velvety as ever. The difference is that we create more filling, side dishes suitable for modern life, together with fragrant fish sauce, mild sour taste creating unmistakable flavor.


Nannas' Kitchen rolls have many options such as meat filling, eggs with fragrant grilled meat; Delicious chewy fish cakes ... And most especially, it's a filling sweet whole-piece shrimp paste combined with Kitchen's sauce made from 12 different ingredients and spices, stirring constantly on the stove for 4 hours lake. Stuffed pancake are not available in any kitchen other than Nannas' Kitchen, eating once is as long as we remember Grandmother taste forever.

Experience at the Nannas' Kitchen