''Each thin, soft, smooth noodle is soaked in clear, rich broth thanks to the secret of using spices, burning fire, fragrant with the scent of onions, cilantro ... bringing energetic energy to pho lovers and pho connoisseurs.''

When I was young, my mother had a tiny noodle soup stall, only a long wooden table and chairs, but was always full. On cold winter days, guests come to eat, guests wait around the outside. After finishing the bowl of hot noodle soup, everyone's face was sweaty, but it was bright, as if they had just kicked the flu virus out of their body.

My mother said, it is thanks to the noodle soup that has special spices, including healthy herbs. Beef noodle soup is ginger, anise flower, cinnamon, cardamom ... Chicken noodle soup with onions, ginger, coriander roots, coriander seeds ... There are dozens of herbs in the noodle soup. These herbs, combined with the essence secreted from beef bones, long-simmering chicken bones, and more scallions, are enough energy for anyone. However, when I'm sick, I crave a bowl of noodle soup.

My mother has a secret to cooking her own bones so that the pho broth is clear and sweet, but sweet. Spices, such as fish sauce, salt, ginger, cardamom ... must also be added to the broth at different times. Mom also said, the delicious noodle soup is also in the noodle cake. Pho must be thin, smooth but tough to blend with the broth, slipping in the mouth, eating half a bowl, still not expanding.

And today, at Nannas' Kitchen, we bring you an heirloom noodle dish, which no matter how many types of pho you've eaten, it's worth a try and will never forget.

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